The Other Side of the Street

Feb 4, 2024

Two people were walking down the left side of a neighborhood street on a sunny afternoon.

“This sure is a nice place to walk. The lawns are clean, the trees are shady, and the sidewalk is easy to navigate . The people are friendly, too!” One said. “I wonder why they don’t like the people on the other side of the street.”

“Let’s cross the street and walk on the right side.” suggested the other. “Hey, these people are nice too. And the road is nicely paved. Both sides of the road seem to be more similar than different. It’s interesting that this side doesn’t like to talk to the other side of the street either.”

As they looked forward they saw a sign in big bold letters, Dead End.

“That’s a shame,” said one. “It was such a nice street.”

Mark DeBellis, 2024