Ad·ver·si·ty Noun. Meaning: difficulties; misfortune.

Gifts  – Plural noun. Meaning: given willingly to someone without payment; a present.

Welcome to our website where we explore how adverse events become “gifts”, when viewed through the right perspective. Our site is designed to share actual stories of people overcoming adversity and how their lives were positively changed.

We hope you find our stories inspirational and invite you to share yours. 

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The Gifts You Receive from
Adversity are MANY.





Share Your Story

Do you have a story that will inspire and motivate others? We know that we can’t avoid life’s challenges. We don’t have a remote control to “change a channel” where we are going through one of life’s rough patches.

Using life’s adverse events as a catalyst for personal growth means that we ultimately have some control of the outcome. How you “play the cards you are dealt” helps you win at life, no matter the ultimate outcome. Because life is a marathon, each “bump” in your life’s road becomes another opportunity to toughen your character, increase your understanding, build new skills or grow in new areas.

Adversity can be a gift. If you view it so.

What gifts have you received from your adversity?


The Barn Swallow – The Benefit of Competition

One morning on my way to work I happened upon a bird that had been hit by a car. Its little chick was by its side, still alive. I think that the little one had been pushed out of the nest to fly and mom was probably coaching it. I stopped the car and grabbed the little bird, knowing mom had been killed and that the chick was ripe for any nearby cat to make a meal from. At home I put the chick in a box, took a picture and went to work. I had many thoughts about the bird. Can I nurse it to...

What We Do

We provide hope and inspiration. There has probably never been a time in man’s history where we have had so many resources. Yet we increasingly see higher levels of anxiety than ever before. With anxiety and depression rising one can only ask, why?

With life so convenient and generally trouble free, have we created a trap for ourselves? Have we lost some of the tempering that took place in earlier generations to help toughen us up for difficult times? When adversity finds you, we must be ready to deal with it, lean into it, and continue to push our lives forward.

As Scott Peck said in the opening line of The Road Less Travelled, “Life is difficult.” Wisdom – deep learning that shapes our character – comes at a cost, and that cost often involves discomfort, suffering, and loss. Nobody wants to deal with adversity, but it is a necessary part of the maturation process.

We can’t prepare the road for the child, we have to prepare the child for the road.

What other options are there?

Our Mission

The goal of this site is to allow everyone share their stories of overcoming adversity and allow each of us to inspire others. Some of these examples will be heroic but many will be less so. It’s those everyday examples of simple life challenges that might just help a person deal with an immediate challenge. Sharing with a reader how they have overcome a simple daily adversity might change someone’s life.

Coaching and Support

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