Sir George

Jul 22, 2023

George McBride was the owner of Sir George’s Smorgasbord, a southern California restaurant chain. I was working as a busboy at 16 at the San Bernardino restaurant.

George seemed very old to me at the time. He was likely in his 60’s…maybe younger than I am today! He always dressed very nicely and drove a big Cadillac.

George would only come in occasionally. He was kind and approachable, yet intimidating figure.

We were living at the campground at this time which was about 15 miles away from the restaurant. Our car wasn’t dependable and on this particular day, I found myself calling the restaurant on the local pay phone to let them know that I couldn’t come in to work. The car wouldn’t start.

Normally one of the managers would pick up the phone but this time it was George. I explained to George that my car was broken down and I couldn’t get to work today.

“No problem,” he said, “I’ll come pick you up! We need your help today.”

I know he wasn’t aware that we were living in the campground and I’m not exactly sure what I told, him but 30 minutes later he came driving into the campground and pulled up near our big tent.

He didn’t really ask many questions. I think he was smart enough to see where we were in our journey. I really needed to keep that job. He figured that out pretty quickly.

Here was this owner taking a couple hours out of his busy day to pick up and return this young busboy to and from work. His time was valuable and it was a generous gift.

Understanding a circumstance doesn’t always require a verbal confirmation. Your senses can generally help you interpret. It was a kind gesture for him to transport without any judgment on our situation, any probing/embarrassing questions, or any “punitive spirit” for the inconvenience I put him through.

The Lord loves a generous giver.