The Lion and the Mouse

Jul 7, 2023

One day a great lion lay asleep in the sunshine, A little mouse ran across his paw and wakened him. The great lion was just going to eat him when the little mouse cried, “Oh, please, let me go, sir. One day I may help you.”

The lion laughed at the thought that the little mouse could be of any use to him, but set him free.

Not long after, the lion was caught in a net. He tugged and pulled but the ropes were too strong. He roared loudly.

The little mouse heard him and ran to the spot. “Be still, dear Lion, and I will set you free. I will gnaw the ropes.” And the lion was freed.

“You laughed at me once,” said the mouse. “You thought I was too little to do a good turn. But see, I just saved your life.”

It’s not your size that determines your impact or value, but the tools or skills that you bring to the situation.

Source: Aesop’s Fable