Teen Author Turns COVID Tragedy into Triumph

Jun 26, 2023

We know that the COVID pandemic delivered heartache throughout the world.  The WHO estimates that nearly 800 million people contracted the disease and nearly 7 million died. Many of those that perished were the old and infirmed and young and vulnerable.

But there were also many people that contracted COVID, didn’t die, and whose lives were forever changed.

Such was the case with 14 year old Storey Kuo from Rolling Hills Estates in California.

After coming down with COVID, Storey lost most of her hearing in her left ear and severe tinnitus (ringing in the ear) in her right ear. Her condition didn’t change after many doctor visits and treatments.

Her initial reaction was fear and a concern that she would be judged by others.

She decided to channel that fear into motivation to write a children’s book called, The Magical Arguing Cookies. The book discusses the difference between the cookies with each arguing which is the “best” cookie. The moral of the story is that all the cookies are great, they are all just uniquely different.

Her book is now being sold on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Storey is a great example of a young person turning their fear and disappointment into energy and initiative in a manner that can help and inspire others.

Source: Orange County Register 6/25/23.